About The Program

The Adopt-a-Library program's aim is to enhance the quality of libraries across the country by providing them with books they otherwise could not afford.

Alongside, we hope to link our donors with the libraries they give to, to foster bridge-building between these different communities and set the stage for further positive interaction. To ensure that the gains we create with this effort are enhanced, we hope to engage local community stakeholders in a sustainable manner, so that the culture of learning is nurtured holistically.

Knowledge Enhancement and Readership Development

Our most earnest goal is to offer an opportunity for children and young adults across the country to expand their horizon of knowledge and imagination through books. A knowledge-based society leads to a brighter future, and engaging readership is the way to do it.

Library Quality Enhancement

We aim to create access to good quality reading materials through libraries which otherwise cannot afford such books. Providing readers with access to good books is the first step to ensure a strong, stable foundation for readership development.

Bridging Communities

Building on our work, we hope to create connections among the different communities (NRBs, corporate sectors, professionals, etc.) involved, by directly connecting them with these far-flung communities. The goal is to allow them to contribute meaningfully in the readership development process of their own initiative, beyond the work that ALP does.

Sustainable Stakeholder Engagement

We will work to engage community members, parents, teachers, learners and education supporters that have been connected through this program in a manner that ensures future sustainability. This will be key to ensure that the culture of learning we hope to nurture continues, as the stakeholders themselves work to maintain it.